Make it clear what you want to happen when you pass away with a properly prepared Will.

Regularly packaged with either or both Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives, your Will is an important document that lets your loved ones know what you want to happen when you’re no longer alive.

A Will lets you take control and make it clear what your wishes are, and this can reduce the risk of messy disputes occurring over how your estate—everything you’ve left behind—should be handled.

If you don’t have a Will, your estate will be divided according to legislation which may not reflect what you would want to happen. Similarly, the Public Trustee can become involved and charge fees to administer your estate—and these fees will be paid from your remaining assets, reducing what’s left to be divided.

We can help you

  • Appoint your executors (the person or people you want to administer your Will and ensure it’s followed)—you can even appoint us if you wish
  • Appoint your beneficiaries (the person or people you want to benefit from your estate)
  • Make specific gifts
  • Make specific wishes known
  • Make it known what you want to happen with your body
  • Create trusts to protect beneficiaries who might be underage or under a disability
  • Safely store your Will
  • Ensure the Probate process will be easy for your executors
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