Do you want an underage child to receive an inheritance when you pass away? Or maybe the person you’d like to benefit is under a disability?

We’re experienced at using Wills to create trusts—called testamentary trusts—which protect vulnerable beneficiaries who might not yet be old enough or who don’t have legal capacity to make appropriate decisions regarding any inheritance due to them.

Such trusts appoint at least one person—a trustee—to manage the inheritance in the best interests of the beneficiary and in accordance with the terms of the trust.

We can help you

  • Establish one or more testamentary trusts in a Will
  • Understand when trusts have legal benefits
  • Connect with accountants to explore the financial advantages of trusts
  • By acting as trustee should you wish to appoint us as trustee

We can help trustees

  • Deal with managing a trust once it’s been set up
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