Advance Care Directives

An Advance Care Directive is a document that lets you appoint someone to make health and wellbeing decisions for you—but not financial and legal decisions—while you’re still alive but lack the capacity to make such decisions yourself.

It also allows you to record your medical wishes when it comes to end-of-life treatment, care and living arrangements. You can even record your dying wishes—though what happens after you die should instead be set out in a Will.

An Advance Care Directive will give family and loved ones clarity as to your wishes, and can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be looked after in the manner you want.

If you haven’t appointed anyone under an Advance Care Directive to make decisions for you, there’s a risk that the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) could make orders giving such power to a person or people you would not be happy with.

We can help you

  • Determine who you want to appoint under an Advance Care Directive
  • Set down exactly who you want to give the power to make decisions for you
  • Record your medical, health, and end-of-life treatment, care and living wishes
  • Record your wishes about if you’d want to be resuscitated in certain circumstances
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